About Kellr

I’m KELLR – a music producer, mixer, and engineer.  I create fresh, unique
instrumentals and songs from my studio based in Nashville, Tennessee.  I love all kinds of
music and have a passion for making lots of it – from old school hip-hop to future-sounding
electronic, and everything in between.

I was born into a family of musicians, so ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by
music. I began composing and recording when I was 11 and have been experimenting with
new instruments and sounds ever since. Over the past decade, I’ve taken my music from an
organized hobby to a full time career.  I work with recording artists, and other clients to help
create and fulfill their musical visions, but I also have my own releases!

My intent is to create music that stands out, is instantly identifiable, and speaks to emotion.  I
hope you’ll spend some time exploring the site, and if there’s a project I can help with, please get in touch!