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Releasing Your First Song

Intro Based on my recent experience going through the process of officially releasing my own music, I wanted to share some thoughts on the various phases of work required for a successful release. I also want to be clear that when I’m talking about releasing, I mean an official release with a thought-out plan of […]

Music Business Tips (Part 1)

Have some basic budgeting “cents” Bad jokes aside, it’s a good idea when you’re trying to start your own business to make use of budgeting in order to keep your finances in the black. Prioritizing expenditures and adhering to a strict budget (do you really need that $4 cup of coffee?) might not be fun, […]

How To Handle Rejection

If you do a quick search for inspirational quotes, you’re bound to find the stories of how Michael Jordan missed lots of game-winning shots, Walt Disney was fired for having no imagination, and JK Rowling was living off welfare when she started writing Harry Potter. Stories like these sometimes don’t feel relatable to us because […]

Gaining Soundcloud Followers (Organically)

Over the past year I’ve gone from about 200 SoundCloud followers (accumulated in the course of 4 years) to almost 1,000. These are all (as far as I know) real people, not bots or followers I paid for.  I actually advocate against payola, but that’s for another post. 1,000 followers isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme […]