Production for recording artists

Whether you’re a pop singer, underground rapper, or indie musician there’s no compromise on having
great production. I’ll be the first to admit I can’t produce every single genre, but the sounds and styles I
do produce are industry standard, radio ready instrumentals that will grab attention and lay the
foundation for memorable songs. Take a listen to some of my licensable tracks here, or contact me
to discuss exclusive rights or a bigger project.

Production for music libraries

My tracks are in many music libraries and have been placed or pitched for companies and TV networks like:
ABC, Travel Channel, BuzzBalls LLC, The CW Network, and Bravo just to name a few. I am contacted regularly
for specific cues and can usually turn a request around in 24 hours. If you represent a music library and need
electronic hip-hop music, let’s connect!

Production for businesses / “work for hire”

There are thousands of uses for music in the digital age, and figuring out where and how to license music
is tough if it isn’t your core competency. I’ve created a straightforward, streamlined way of working
with businesses to make it easy to obtain music. After discussing details on what the music will be used
for (video, commercial, presentation, etc…) I charge a flat fee hourly rate and transfer the exclusive
license of the newly created music to you, the business. This way you own the music and don’t have to
worry about how, when, and where you can use it.


To me, mixing is just as important as the composition and arrangement of a song. If you have an
existing song and want a “KELLR” mix, contact me and let’s discuss! I give discounts on mixing if you are
using a KELLR produced track.

Vocal recording

If you are local to Nashville, TN and need vocals cut, I have just the place. I’m of the philosophy that
million dollar sound doesn’t have to come from a million dollar studio (not that I wouldn’t want to have
one). I record in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and use industry standard software (Pro
Tools, Waves, SoundToys, etc…) to capture great vocals. Mixing discounts apply for vocals cut at my studio.